What to expect

It's 5th Ramadhan today. Or is it already 6th? I don't know. Since I left college, time is hardly my companion.

So we have tried selling in bazaat and I kid you not, it was totally, unarguably not easy. My in law, is selling nasi Arab and three types of water and them too, hardly sold out. But if you tried it out, it's amazingly delicious. Same goes with our menu lol.

But that's not what I want to rant about.

I read somewhere, there's a woman, a celebrity. She told the press, that she was once not the type of she is now. She's now really outspoken, she can say whatever she wants. So they asked her how to become one. To not be afraid of any criticism or anything in general.

So she told them, that she wasn't like she is now. To make it simple, people respect her now because she's now wealthy. So they listen. She said it's hard to be heard when you have nothing to offer, or when people see nothing in you.

And I personally think it's true. I kept thinking that how things would be different if I am wealthy, in the terms of having a lot of money. Things will get very smooth and I think people will listen to me better. They won't look down on me as they are now (most of them).

But the great thing when you are a nobody, you can avoid toxic people who just respect you for something you have instead of respecting you as you yourself. Did I get my point clear? Trust me, there's a lot of negative people around us that only cling to us because they want something. And when you (read: I) have nothing, it's hard to get away from those same kind of people. We have to accept everything they did to us just because they have power against us. They can do whatever they like and they think we are their toys. They can come to us, and just go. They bought us. They bought our souls. They only thought that the world is just revolving around them. And we have to stay, we can't get away because we felt that we owe them something. And because of that, they can shout, they can shut us off, they can laugh at us, they can hate us, they can manipulate us, they can ignore us, they can do whatever they want to us. Because we have nothing. And they have everything.

Have a good day.

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