New Malaysia

There was about 324 posts on my blog (excluding posts from 2007 that ive deleted most of them).

Today, marks the new me, as I am still celebrating the New Malaysia. I have reverted all of my posts back to drafts (but I'll review some again, and will publish some again if I think it's appropriate for a 29 year old me).

I am almost 29. Not yet since my birthday is in December. *hint

I have never been enthusiasted about politics, you see. But this time, this General Election #14 had opened my eyes and my mind to a lot of new things. The fight, the scandals, the untold stories, the revenge, the dramas and many other things. And just like that, I am so so interested in politics.Now that BN is in the opposition side, it's much more better for me lol cause for 60 years, they have been acting like Malaysia was theirs. They have no strong opposition party to fight on taking over the governent, not since Tun M stepped back into the games.

The winning of Pakatan Harapan was truly shocking, though probably most of the people were already expecting it. I think, social media and internet really unite the people this time. Through Facebook, we can see the manifestos being presented, and we can see the politicians tried hard to 'sell' themselves.

Since I was a kid, I heard a lot of rumours of nasty things about elections. How they lied on the vote counts and how they used the money and power to manipulate the people and such. But this time, because of internet too, they have to listen to the people. Wen have spoken through our votes. Democracy at its best, this time around. They could only delay the results until 4 in the morning, but that's all they could do. Delaying the announcement.

And I really hope all these democracies and freedom of speeches will always be like this. It's so great to see all races become one, to turn down the corrupted people in the government. I loved it. We all can actually live in harmony.

I don't want to talk about this through a Muslim perspective because there's a lot more than just 'vote Muslim because you're a Muslim', no. It's not my expertise (even writing this is not), and I am not commenting on that.

But being a Kelantanese who is staying in kelantan with my little family, I was hoping the new party will lead this state but nope. Not even one chair was spared for the newly formed coalition party. *cry

Before this, I thought Kelantan is better in PAS's hands. And yes, it's true. But the management was not really efficient, and things were not changing to better. I mean, we're working in the 'water' area. Everyday we meet a lot of customers complaining about their water sources. The water were not clean, that they have to use well water which God knows how acidic it is, and how many bacteria and germs inside the well and in the underground water.

Maybe they don't get the royalty they've been wanting for so long, so they don't have any money to fix the problem, I don't know. There's a lot of 'maybes' we can think of. But problems are still problems. The solutions are not just by waiting for things to happen, don't you think?

So it's kind of frustrating that we still won't have any changes, well probably there are changes that I am not aware of. But those youngsters who came back home all the way from KL and southern Malaysia, they apparently came to vote for the same ruling party. So we will continue living like nothing happened. And continue living in a place where it's so hard to find a job unless we'd want to work in Mc'Donalds or KFC. And they will go back to their working place, with all those great facilities around them. Funny. Maybe they thought we don't need any good changes like they're enjoying there.

There goes my rant. Whatever it is, I am grateful the rulers have changed and all of us hope the changes are for the better course. Independence day this year surely will be a lot more different and patriotic than ever before.

To the new Malaysia.

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