Changing the game

It's Ramadhan again!

Oh my. How time flies. My husband and I just spoke about last year's hari raya that we celebrated in KL. Went to our leader's mansion, and even went to Johor to meet my mother in law.

Really. I am not kidding you, and you know it too. Time will leave those who are nort ready to move as it is. In this era, we need to run instead of walk, or better if we could fly! I have no idea how the heck the time is moving that fast! And my kids! My little baby boy is already 4! I am so not ready to see him so big and someday, he's going to leave me. Sighhhhhhhh

Anyways, since it's Ramadhan, this year, we are changing our game plan.

Last year, we had one or two people buying our machine, and it's enough to keep us living until raya. But this year, we are going to sell something at bazaar Ramadhan near our place. And hell yeah I'm excited!!

You know, I have been talking about this (sell food at bazaar) to my husband like, a thousand times. Wayyyyy before Ramadhan, I already told him that I wanted to open a stall. He said okay but didn't seem so interested in my idea. It's great to have some experiences like this, no?

Then time as usual, flew by. And suddenly Ramadhan was almost near. To get a spot in bazaar in a week's time? Nope, not gonna work.

BUT! Allah is the best planner. Somehow, my sister in law's friend who happened to get a spot there, told us that she couldn't commit. So she's going to give the spot to somebody else. And that somobody else is US! OMGGGGG totally magical. Like my prayers came true.

So we need to sacrifice a little bit since I think I'm not getting any help from the people that I asked for help. But it's fine. I am totally okay. Lol (I think I am the only one who understand this part, so nevermind).

Then last night we went to buy some equipments, and plastic bags, and some papers, little things we need for a startup. Honestly, this is y first tie doing this kind of thing, direct selling like this. I have no idea how to manage the money and such, but will try my best. The knowledge is all over the internet I guess. And I just have to find it quick.

Today is Thursday, the first day of Ramadhan. We're going to start the business on Friday. Wish us luck and pray for us too. InshaAllah everything will be okay. Lol.

So that's it. Happy fasting guys.

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