(7:20) But Satan made an evil suggestion to both of them that he might reveal to them their shame that had remained hidden from them. He said: 'Your Lord has forbidden you to approach this tree only to prevent you from becoming angels or immortals.' 

I randomly opened the Quran and chose a verse and apparently my finger appointed to this one. This is the first time I'm doing this Quran journal thingy. So don't expect me to be the Quran genius or something lol

It's actually the story of Adam a.s and his wife, Hawa or Eve yang ditegah dari makan buah khuldi. From what I understand and from my little reading, modesty is kind of an instinct to us human. Means, dari zaman Nabi Adam as lagi rasa untuk menutup apa yang perlu ditutup tu dah ada but Satan being satan, knew that bila women buka aurat, then well, men will lose. So he knew, that men's weakness is the sexual instinct. He wanted to show them both apa yang tertutup all these while. Satan attacked that side of human, first. 

So we need to be aware lah kan. Dengan lambakan artis wanita, internet di hujung jari and all, it's too easy for us to slip from the right path. Just by a little whisper from Satan. 

And, the Satan also made up stories that Allah didn't let them to eat that forbidden fruit sebab Allah taknak they became angels and immortals. Human. We are weak. We are all afraid to die, right. Lagi-lagi bila tau kita banyaknya dosa sobs. Sometimes I wonder what happen when I died. what happen dalam kubur. goodness. I'm having goosebumps right now. Then I kept thinking, bila dalam syurga, do we stay there forever (yes I know we will). So what are we doing here on this earth? We are being tested. But seldom, selalu je kita tergelincir. Nak selalu carik duit banyak2, nak hidup bahagia selalu, solat , sabar tah ke mana. Hmmm. We know that in the end, we are all going to die but sometimes we think dunya is too beautiful that we forgot, heaven and hell do exist, waiting for us.We are too caught up with all of the things here, that we wanted to be immortals. We don't want to die. Or at least, we feel we're not ready to die, just yet. But malaikat maut tak tunggu bila kita ready baru nak cabut nyawa right. 

When they (Adam dan Hawa) heard that, of course they want to live forever. Maka, perangkap syaitan berjaya. They both ate the fruit and you know what happened.

What can I say is, we need to cover up our bodies (pesan kat diri sendiri jugak), tundukkan pandangan sebab pandangan dan keinginan untuk tengok yang bukan mahram tu selalu dieksploitasikan oleh makhluk yang menyesatkan itu. Mula-mula tengok aje. Then hmm. Naudzubillah. 
Secondly, we need to know our purpose in life. Where do we go after this. Where do we want to go after this. Bila tau purpose, bila tau tujuan, we won't forget that this place is only for awhile. We're not immortals. We're not angels. Kita cuma tanah. Bukan cahaya. Tanah yang akan kembali pada tanah. 

June 6th, 2017
Kota Bharu