I wished you happiness, too.

"Once we cross the bridge, nothing is going to be the same. You still cool with that, right?"

I smiled. "Of course."

I saw him clenching his teeth. Probably he was expecting me to cry, or at least, said something terrible. I would, if today was four years ago. I looked away, feeling numb. Nothing was the same since last year, and I knew, he knew that very well. We're just fooling ourselves and people around us, trying hard to mend the broken pieces when what's left were just torn photographs, burned letters and faded memories. 

I admitted, it was all my fault. I should let him go the moment I realized, I was not the same person as I was long, long ago. I was not the same person he knew back then. I was not the person he loved once.
 "We should get going," I whispered.

"Yes, yes, we should." His voice turned hoarse. 

Somebody had to take the first step forward, so I did. Unwillingly, he slowly followed me from behind. 

On the middle of the bridge, I looked at him in the eye.
"What happened to us?"  I asked before I noticed it was a lame, stupid question. 

He shrugged.
"Time has turned one of us into something else."

I knew exactly the meaning behind his answer. I smiled in twinge. We reached at the end of the bridge, and stopped abruptly as if we did not want to part just yet. There were so many things to say to him and I felt like spilling it all out but today was not the day. 
We stood in front of each other. Our eyes didn't meet, afraid of the promises we once made. 

We stayed like that for quite a while when he broke the silence.

"Goodbye. I wished you happiness."

I nodded, pressing my lips together, not knowing of anything better to say.

"Yeah. Me too." Well at least I tried.

And then we parted. For good. 
I wished you happiness, too.