Yes. Hair.

People yang kenal I lama will know how obsessed I am in taking care of my hair. I would take the extra miles to make my hair shiny and healthy. It's true.

One time, I tried spreading mayonnaise onto my hair. Seriously it worked. And I loved it. Tapi lecehlah kena duduk lama dalam shower, but it was all worth it sebab after that, my hair rasa lembut gila.

But now, I found an easier way for me, or for you, if you're just like me.

I use BEAUTY WATER from Enagic Kangen Water Machine. Hey, it absolutely worked very well! I am freaking serious. Tak payah pakai conditioner okay. Lembut je rambut. I loike. Hihi.

So anybody nak try? Roger iols okay.

Go to - aykangenwater.blogspot.com

Beauty water for hair is RM10 for 4.5 LITRE. Cheapest conditioner evahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

GO GO GO! ;)