ok senapah

Six months, Min.

Just bear with it for another six effing months!


Orang Kelantan cakap, 'ok senapah. Not okey, but OK (ought) . Yeah kinda. Hm. Kinda.

So we have this amazing friend, one amazing Chinese friend, that we knew back when I was still working in Starbucks Queensbay Mall. Why I puji dia? Because in his head, takde lain except nak tolong other people. Seriously.

So we came out of a couple of ideas, and will be released one by one. The first one, I belakang tabir je. Ed and our friend ni akan buat most of the job. The plan is quite big, pardon me, REALLY big. Just hoping they wouldn't screw everything up. But I know, by hook or by crook, they gonna find their ways to accomplish the plan.

Okay la.

So you all ada plan. So I pun bentang sekali my project. At first, my own project was biasa-biasa je. Just a little different from other people's thingy. Then this guy told me his opinion and some ideas, and I knew, I just knew it will be a phenomenon. I guarantee you. Well as long as there's no other people thinking what were thinking. And my project as well, will take a lot of amount. Thousands, actually, so I kinda scared of it. But, InsyaAllah.

So I pun dengan gila nya, mengiklankan in this one website, saying that I need an investor for the project. I thought nobody would be crazy enough nak baca or even nak invest in the project kan. But hey, ADA OKEY.

Ada one guy texted me, tanya project besar mana, and I just freaked out.

So I discussed dengan Ed, and Ed asked me to 'ok lagi selama 6 bulan .Six months. After 6  months, my project will jalan InsyaALLAH. Kau paham tak? HAHAHA takpe nanti kite semua paham.

Kbai xx