stalk me, and you're already my bitch ;)

Hello old lady. Oh hi, yeah I know you. And I'm going to give you a lesson today. Well you know why they always say talk is cheap?

Because when we talk, or yeah, when you talk, we're not using any money or even a lot of energy. Aite?

No penny, no cents, just using our mouth and tongue.

As simple as that.

Actually saying talk is cheap, is still not making any sense. Why? Cause when we say 'cheap', it still has some value in it.

Well maybe the right word to use here, in my context is, talk is worthless. Bercakap ni takde harga, well in this case at least.

Bercakap kosong ni murahan, lagi-lagi apa yang kau gebangkan tu, takde harga.

Macam kau. :)

Takde kerja eh nak stalk facebook, blog, twitter, instagram aku? Nak stalk, stalk lah. Tapi tak payah lah nak bawak cerita bukan-bukan. Bila pulak aku gebang pasal duit berlambak? Double wtf for you. Go get a life lah. Kau nak kikis harta, kikis lah. I don't give a damn.

Aku nak kawin dengan siapa, restu siapa, aku punya pasal. Kau kawin kat mana? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA eh, dah kawin ke masalahnya? HAHAHAHHA blergh.

People like you, I would be very delighted to give a hug.... Around your neck.... With a rope. :) "Haks!" :P

Lots of love. Muahmuahhhhh.