Be careful of what you wish for.

I had these dreams when I was little.
That my husband will be a real man with a pretty smile.
A man who can talk to my family not in Kelantan slang, well y'know, we family don't speak Kelantan much at home.
So he must be very easy going with them all.
He'll be good, he'll be spiritually good.
I wished for a man who can always make me laugh. Who will goof around with me.
Who is never tired of being with me, who'd never ever let me out of his sight.
And a man, with a guitar in his hand.
A hopeless romantic husband, any girl like me would have wished for.

Sounds perfect much?

I already met one.


Perfect for me.

HE will give you exactly what you wanted. Patience is a virtue.
Will always be true.

"You meet one person, and your whole life changes forever."