I hated everything today.
I hated everyone.
And I blamed myself for that.

The first class was uncontrollable.
And someone tried to make me actually talking
But I hate talking about my family
Seems like there's no respect given for me
By them.

And it sucks.
Him. He's too far.
And it sucks, too.
When I thought about things I shouldn't be.

Today is not a good day
I may walk into the classroom and yell
I may sit on my chair and cry
Everything seems bad
And I hate that.

Hoping it would not getting worse.

Please Wednesday. Be good to me.


eightminx said…
so close no matter how far kan...kesakitan mmg ada ubat, so biar lah ia mnguatkan mu sayangg...i'll be there..just one more you gonna fine..die i pray for that..
si cokelattte said…
damn..knp adah bace pon adah nk stress ni... tak mo2... be a gud girl dear