Hello peeps.

Hm. So, first day of puasa haritu, aku masak awal gila. Tomyam, ikan kicap and sayur. Then by 4 something, kitorang gerak ke bazaar Ramadhan dekat stadium.

Parked dekat KFC, then walked towards the bazaar lah kan.

Then my eyes caught something.

A girl. With a very familiar face.

It was her.

The girl I have been afraid of since I was 18. She was the girl of my last love's dream. :)

I finally met you. Haih. Met you when everything's over between us. Maybe ada hikmah kan I tak jumpa you sebelum-sebelum ni. So right now, the feelings for him beransur hilang, so meeting you was not that though tough.

She's pretty indeed. And kecik je.. Comel comel. :)

Tapi I was so stunned sampai tak sempat nak tegur dia.. Hahah. Next time maybe.

Jaa~ XX


fara said…
Bestnye pandai menjahit.
Tringin nk pandai menjahit gak... :)