In loving memory of them

I am one of the people who is very bad in handling deaths especially when it came to the one who's very close to me. Well who doesn't?

I remembered my late cousin, I called him "Along". I was very young at that time, around 11 years old or something. He was riding a motorcycle when a truck hit him. He was found dead on the spot. It was such a nightmare to me. I saw him everywhere. In our car, in his favorite spot on the couch in my house. Then there I was crying to death everytime I think of him.

Then my late Granny. The one and only "Wah". I miss her so. She was gone when I was in Form 5. Right before my SPM examinations. The day before she's gone, I lied to my principal, said my Gran's sick and I have to go and see her. I succeeded and my mom and I went to Paklong's house. She was doing exactly fine and healthy. We laughed, we talked, I teased her, I kissed her. It was a very fine evening until the next day, my father came to see me. My lovely Grandmother was forever gone in my cousin's lap earlier that morning.

I've lost my favorite pet, my only sugar glider. He was so close to me. He was very tame, was very playful. He has this big black eyes that will look like it's shining when I brought him his favorite food. And yesterday, I found him dead in my bed. I cried the whole day. I didn't eat at all. I missed him terribly. I woke up this morning, hearing a soft sound saying "Milo tunggu kat sana." Then I cried again. Silly but you'll never understand the bonding between us two. May he rest in peace.

I miss all of you. We'll see each other again when the day comes. Al fatihah.