wild hearts can't be broken

1. I'm bored.

2. Slept very late last night, and got a wake up call from a-trying-to-be-friendly woman. Gahh.

3. But thanks to her, I woke up on time to get my samples out from the incubator.

4. Been in the lab for 5 hours now. Alone. Then came a classmate. Then came another classmate. Then they left. And being alone again.

5. With the sound of air conditioner, the reagents and TUMBLR NARNIA, also TWITTERVERSE and facebook - which seems quite boring nowadays.

6. Actually writing this, is the last thing I wanna do now. With the fact that all my moves are being stalked by some people. My life is so effing awesome.

7. My matric card is not working. Damn you.

8. I have a load of works UNDONE. Thesis, mini thesis, upcoming tests, and my sewing time.

9. I really have to live a healthy life. My body is weaken by those junk and fast food I take.

10. And I have to take my samples from the centrifuge machine. So goodbye.