A suicide note

I opened Tumblr just now. Then I stumbled onto a post that asked whomever reading, to search "suicide" on the search box.

I did.

And I found a lot of young people maybe around 15 to 18 that are wanting to kill themselves. Some even thought of making it happened like an accident.

The more I went through it, the more depressed I became. I pulak yang rasa depressed. Sebab they're wasting their lives thinking of the stuffs they don't even have to think. I did it once. I did feel like killing myself once. Oh trust me. I have good reasons to do that. Well at least, I thought I did. I know how you feel. I understand. For me, I did take twelve panadols without the intention to die lah. Just like, maybe I could end up staying at the hospital so I could warn "them" that I hate them. I still knew that no heaven for me lah kalau suicide kan. No thanks.

But all I got was headache after that. A terrible one. I walked like a drunk man and I can't sleep because of the headache. My stomach hurts and I don't want to drink anything, don't want to eat anything. I did not faint, maybe cause my antibodies were too strong. Hah. So I just lay down and hoping I would faint. Lol. I was very stupid. I did a lot of stupid things. Hahah. And I still doing stupid things. Think I should try everything when I still can.

See I can tell you how it feels like bila telan sepapan panadol.

Trust me. You don't want to die. At least not that way. Live your life. The problems won't be haunting you for the rest of your life. :)