Same shit. Different day.

The problem with me is, I take everything easily. Less serious to be exact. I don't like making things complicated, well, most of it.

And right now, I'm very much certain that I'm the only person who haven't start doing my research yet.

Gahhh! Yet still, I'm too comfortable. I can still writing this up while my journals are stuck up next to my laptop, waiting to be read since last night. Oh, should I say, since last semester that have gone by with me doing nothing?

Sometimes it stressed me out a little bit. Some friends even asked me, when will they see me in the lab or something. That question, I just left it unanswered.

With a lot of things running in my mind (useless things) - creating my own clothing label, designing clothes, my company-to-be organisation and such. Everything is too far from what I've learned from school. I'm no art student. I should be a technologist, majoring in bioprocessing, but somehow, that's not really what I wanted all this time.

I want to run a business, I want to hold a company as a fierce young lady, like a leopard on a run chasing after it's prey. I love being in a large field rather than sitting on the bench in the lab waiting for my sample to be readily autoclaved.

Now why did I rant about this again?


Let's read the journals till it's torn in pieces.