I remember crying that night
Was outside my room
And we're on the phone

I was falling apart
Like the tears came running down
My back needed support
So I leaned close to the wall

It was five years ago
But it's still crystal
I remember everything we talked about
How you have been doing, how amazing was her

Gosh babe, it hurts
When all I knew that
I was living in a world of denial
Ever since

But you realized the reason behind
You knew it all in one glance
It's that one stupid phrase
Boy, it was love

I remember giving it all up
Was thinking to let everything messed up
When what I did was I didn't

Maybe you no more remember these things
That night when I walked pass you by
You were in your blue shirt
I was looking down hearing, you spoke my name

Yes I still remember
The day I found the picture of her
That I swear it's a picture to burn
And the red dollar with her writing on it

Or did you remember I went to your class?
And stuck your favorite sweets into your pocket
Or the time when I winked at you
Or you just remember me as a spoiled brat?

Either way boy,
You should know
That you messed up with my mind
Like, a quadrant of my life

Saw me in my high
You knew me in my down
We didn't started as friends
The hearts were just making some connections
Like bluetooth or somethin'

I hate crying for you babe
Though it has always been done
But tonight darling,
Proudly saying, I am able to put it all in one.

Was staying away from the phone
Afraid that I'm gonna call you soon
When I'm still hoping
That is your name blinking on the screen

The truth to be told honey,
I missed you badly
And yes I know it rightly,
It's very stupid to be.