ramblings di tengahari

Oh hello :)

So I've been in Kulim, Kedah for three days, with my lovely family. One of my cousin was getting married on 26th of January, so, I kindof being a bidan terjun photographer for their big day. Was just using Pak Long's iPad and my own phone. The real photographer ada jugak, but I volunteerilingly (ada ke word ni) took some of the photos, candid photos, just for fun and for us to keep it close as a beautiful memory to remember. And yeah, it turns out to be quite awesome.


I'll upload more pictures later.

For now, I just want to ramble a little about random stuff.

So you see, I've been thinking to do something more meaningful and great. You know I love arts, and I love fashion, and very very much love to dress up. I want to get married pun, so that I can wear a long beautiful dress and posing maut with my dear husband. Awh. I actually don't care less about all of the hantaran or mas kahwin or such. I think, mas kahwin tu, bagi al-Quran pun okay kan? Depends. Tak semestinya duit right? Hantaran, ala, beli je sendiri kasut baju seluar jadah tu semua. Hohoho senang tak aku fikir? Well khemah dah ada. Katering, oh my, cousins I ramai. Aku pun boleh turun masak sekali. Apedehal.

Then something strikes me, I don't know how or why. Masa melepak dengan my cousins haritu, kitorang usha usha some pictures of wedding gowns and dresses. And I already chose my dress for my own big day. Time akad, pakai baju ni. Time majlis, wear this one or that one or the other one. Macam tu lah kitorang. Siap pilih color combinations lagi. My cousins pandai jahit, so I asked them to teach me macam mana nak jahit ropol2, kembang2 macam tu kan. I insisted on making my own dress. Haa. macam kau nak kawen minggu depan je kan.

Panjang betul intro, so, we were talking about those dresses stuff when I thought hey, why don't I jahit semua design yang I love, and started making business out of that? Orang kahwin tiap2 tahun kan. Well, my father dah ada business khemah dia. My mom and my brothers pun dah tau buat meja makan beradap, and still learning nak buat pelamin macam mana. Juna (oh you pun ada dalam plan I) pulak photographer. My cousins as the caterers. And, why don't I be the wedding planner or, at least, jahit baju pengantin? And, with reasonable price, depends on how grand or how simple you want your wedding day to be. Right? Everybody wins.

So yeah. That's it. That's the thing I wanna do after this, or right now. I can start designing the dresses. Oh this is overwhelming. You know how I'll be when I'm excited about something. Gonna call my dad and mum. Goodbye! :D