Superb life

Yang sebenarnye...

I love myself! Walaupun aku selalu buat onar, but I always love myself. I love you lah, Yasmin. muaxmuax

I have a simple yet perfect life for now. for a student.

I have my faith in Allah and I know this is the path He wants me to choose. Everything's falling into place now.

I still have my father and mother who loves me and supports me. awwhhh

I have friends. Lots and lots of friends that I didn't realized I've that lots of friends.

I'm happy though I don't know why. Serious, I don't know. haha.

I have feelings and those feelings are actually make me feel this way. I'm not making any sense lol

I have learned a lot. And I'm still learning.

I have dreams and I won't stop until I get it.

I have plenty of time to waste or to use.

I feel better walaupun banyak lagi esaimen tak siap. hehe satgi nak buat kat Borders.

I feel healthy & awesome!

I feel GREAT

This life is awesome. :D

You know when they said, when someone's gone from our lives, we'll always get a better one. that's what I feel now. Thank you Lord. I love you. :)