It Goes On...

Well good evening darlings. :)

It's 12.50 a.m by the way. Reminding myself too, that I still have to study another chapter for tomorrow's test. Caffeine dalam vanilla latte yang aku minum petang tadi still ada agaknya. Sebab masih belum rasa nak tido kroh krohh.

I went for a business meeting just now. around 8 something, ended at 11 something. Those people are awesome and most of them are Chinese and the beautiful thing is, you'll never feel like, left out. They're nice and polite and genius. Now I've already met two EX-engineers, and uncountable doctors. yes yes they're Chinese. And I love how they work towards their goals. What business? Tell you later sebab I'm writing this in a rush. Have to study maa. =B

But I godek-godek Tumblr tadi, eh banyak nye quotes yang berkaitan. And the picture below reminds me. I made a new spectacle... again... Spec aku dah tak terkira banyaknye. Ade je yang aku tak puas hati. Besa lah, lebar lah, power tak balance lah, pening lahh macam macam. Ada satu spec yang sangat sangat sangat best, tapi aku tertinggal dalam bas time tu. terasa shit sekali waktu itu. nvm, past is past. :)


So goodnight folks. Pray for me xx


Lelaki Ini said…
bagi kat aku satu spec..
mata dah rabun nieyh!