dear diary ♥

Dah 12 hari tak update apa apa. Almost two weeks. Actually I went back to Putrajaya, enjoying my holiday there with family and friends. Sera, Wani, Fara and met Adah sekejap. :)

Timetable pretty tight. Ketat sangat. Tomorrow we'll be having a test on Bioprocess Optimization and Simulation yeah guess yourself what the heck is that -__- tapi subject ni thank God, sangat berkait dengan aku punya final year project, so, please baby, be good to me XOXO.

Then hari Jumaat. Double presentation. Final year project's presentation and pharmaceutical biotech's. The later is quite okay sebab it's an interesting topic and I already have a specific idea on presenting my part. It's gonna be AWESOME. oh of course, i always awesome macam Barney Stinson. agagaga

Pasal project's presentation pulak, this one is kinda tough. Sebab T____T I have no idea on how am i going to do that - both the project and the presentation.

But takpe, first thing first. So, let's study for the test first. And that's why I'm here again at Starbucks in Borders, with my hot Vanilla Latte (it's free by the way, told you I'm awesome =B ), and studying Chapter 5 first. Sebab I kindof terbalik. I kena study yang payah dulu baru yang senang. Got what I mean? You don't have to. Let me be the only one yang paham.

So maybe I'll see you again later or sooner or next week or anytime I want to write again. xx
See ya.


Azlan Hasan said…
aik..mana u curik gambar nie..haha.i love this picture..its so legend....wait for it....a litte bit more....dary..hahahah

nuraimyasmin said…
hahaha love Barney! :D
curik gambar2 legendary ni dari tumblr and polyvore. awesome pictures. ;)