Three Movies

Real Steel. The Thing. In Time.

So I've watched REAL STEEL for like, THREE times already. And it was awesome you know... AWEsome. Especially the last part, when the kid's father (I seriously have a problem in memorizing people's name) started to get into the fight with that robot, what was his name again, Zeus. Yes, the robot's name is Zeus! The bad robot.

And I love that little kid. Comel and aiseh comel lah.

And also Hugh Jackman's body. HEHE I actually don't like men yang ada six packs, but there's always an exception kannnn *wink2. He's very lean, and he looks tough. And cute. Ohhhh there comes my little crush againnn~

love love love

Meet Atom. :)

In the last fight, copying Jackman's moves. Well maybe semua orang dah tengok but then, so? like I care. muahaha.

Second movie, The Thing. This one I watched half-half. First time tengok, part tengah sampai last. Tengok macam tu pun dah faham actually cerita dia pasal apa. Biasalah, aliens. Then last night I watched it again sebab dah running out of movies to watch. Nak tengok cerita Tamil aku tak kuasa. Nak habiskan masa dulu before cerita In Time, I watched this one again. Not too bad. Geli geli sikit sebab those aliens were like, not cute. eheh. Dengan lendir lendir semua. ewhh.

Andd, In Time. Justin Timberlake and sape tah. Amanda something kot nama dia kan? Malas nak google. carik sendiri lah.

Movie ni betul2 out 28 October. Tapi ada early screening dah dua hari. Midnight show. So I watched it too, last night. Lepas tengok The Thing.

At first, aku rase macam, tak best ah. Tak logik walaupun almost semua cerita dah makin tak logik sekarang. Tapi, u change currency from money to time? That's not a good thing. Sebab we know when we'll be dead. And time pulak boleh dicuri. So, of course akan ada lagi banyak jenayah. That was what I thought at first. Tapi aku tak terus keluar hall, I watched sampai habis.

It turns out to be good. Not that great, not a movie yang I can go "ohhhhh" "perghhh" or "whowww" but it's still enjoyable.

That girl's cute. I like her eyes. So, yeah. from these three. I love Real Steel the most. Second one is In Time, and sorry The Thing, you're the last one in my list. :) Just my opinion, and my taste in movies. So, it could be different from you guys kan. :)

Okay then. Gotta hit my bed now. Esok have to go to the lab again. Continue the experiments.. Till then loves. Bui ;D

*pictures, courtesy to Mr. Google.


Lelaki Ini said…
i want to watch reel steel!
tapi xdewk duit maa..
jom belnja aku 4 ur fourth tyme!
si cokelattte said…
demmmm... min,,, 3 kali ea!!! adah keje gsc pon tak tgk2 g ni!!! arini cuti.. marathon wayang.. jom!!