of a sick girl in her pitch dark room

I'm wearing my headphones, sitting quietly in my room. But there's no song playing on. I'm just letting my mind flew away. Thinking of those stupid things I've done all this time. Sometimes I smiled, but sometimes the only thing that came out from my mouth was, 'fuck'. i shouldn't do that.

My stomach still aches and sometimes i can't even move. It hurts like hell. My phone is turned off, so that no one could reach me. The weather is too cold. It's raining outside, and the ceiling fan is on it's highest speed. I don't like being in a burning room. So I'd just rather trying to enjoy this chillness.

My eyes are swollen, my throat's hurt, my body feels weak. I'm unwell. I think my antibodies are quite strong. But when I do sick, I will be the weakest person you ever met.

Ergh. I don't like this. I hate being helpless, I hate being sick and feeling paralyzed. I love moving around but I can't walk too much today. Dizziness and unconciousness would follow. How on earth am I going to work with this kind of situation? whatever boss, I'm quitting anyway. :)

Take care.