of marriage and such. :)

Tadi dalam bilik air, ermmm yesss dalam bilik air aku terfikir ni. HAHAHA tapi jangan tanya aku buat apa dalam bilik air. takkan la skydiving, idiot.

Okay I was thinking the night before my wedding day. errrr? hehe. tetibe terfikir, it's not by choice mannn... But it was a nice thought. I was thinking I'd do like that when the time comes. (comes or came? whatever)

With my best buddies - Rat, Aqis, Zati and Fara and my beloved cousins, we'd chat until late. i'd tell them how nervous I am waiting for the morning's arrival. sweet. :) pakai inai ramai2 and keep making sure everything is gonna be as perfect as possible. hee. and we'd take photos - loads of them!

we'd sleep together on the same Queen sized bed, and I know I'll sleep very soundly that night.

And... when I woke up the next morning, I click on the "new post" button. and I'm gonna type;


ahaha it's okay to dream right? :)
Maybe one of my closest friend is getting married this third raya, aku pun kena tempiasnye jugak. ahaha.

Nite nite :)


si cokelattte said…
da sampai seru le tu ea...