Let's talk serious. :)

Supposedly, aku nak buat kueh raye ni. tapi penimbang tadi, aku main2, tekan2, tetibe rosak. stupid me. So, takpe. chill. kite berbelog kejap.

... well sometimes I wondered, what am I doing with my life now? If my 8-year old self met me today, would she be proud of who i am right now? I guess no, she won't.

I've been doing lotsa stupid things in my life. Ridiculous things.

I have to extend my studies sebab stupid things I made jugak. hahah but takpe. I'm okay with that. :)

But then, yeah, I'll be wasting a little of my time. tapi bila fikir balik, aku belum ready nak ada tanggungjawab, kerja and stuff. kerja main2 ni takpe la kan.. but to hold the responsibilities, facing the reality of life, i feel naah. hell I'm not ready for that. Yet.

I'm still a girl. not even close to be a woman, an independent one. Sometimes rasa macam baru habis sekolah menengah pun ada. With this family problems waiting in line pun, aku malas nak fikir dah. As long as my siblings okay, my siblings tak berpecah, then go ahead. Fine with me. Do what you want.

I just want to be free. I want to travel around the globe. You know what? one of my dreams is being in each and every country. stay there for maybe 3 months, keje kat situ, just to experience.. well I will, someday. :) yeah soon.

okei babai. nak buat biskut. agak2 je lah sukatan kan. hee