What to expect

It's 5th Ramadhan today. Or is it already 6th? I don't know. Since I left college, time is hardly my companion.

So we have tried selling in bazaat and I kid you not, it was totally, unarguably not easy. My in law, is selling nasi Arab and three types of water and them too, hardly sold out. But if you tried it out, it's amazingly delicious. Same goes with our menu lol.

But that's not what I want to rant about.

I read somewhere, there's a woman, a celebrity. She told the press, that she was once not the type of she is now. She's now really outspoken, she can say whatever she wants. So they asked her how to become one. To not be afraid of any criticism or anything in general.

So she told them, that she wasn't like she is now. To make it simple, people respect her now because she's now wealthy. So they listen. She said it's hard to be heard when you have nothing to offer, or when people see nothing in you.

And I personally think it's true. I kept thinking that how things would be different if I am wealthy, in the terms of having a lot of money. Things will get very smooth and I think people will listen to me better. They won't look down on me as they are now (most of them).

But the great thing when you are a nobody, you can avoid toxic people who just respect you for something you have instead of respecting you as you yourself. Did I get my point clear? Trust me, there's a lot of negative people around us that only cling to us because they want something. And when you (read: I) have nothing, it's hard to get away from those same kind of people. We have to accept everything they did to us just because they have power against us. They can do whatever they like and they think we are their toys. They can come to us, and just go. They bought us. They bought our souls. They only thought that the world is just revolving around them. And we have to stay, we can't get away because we felt that we owe them something. And because of that, they can shout, they can shut us off, they can laugh at us, they can hate us, they can manipulate us, they can ignore us, they can do whatever they want to us. Because we have nothing. And they have everything.

Have a good day.

Changing the game

It's Ramadhan again!

Oh my. How time flies. My husband and I just spoke about last year's hari raya that we celebrated in KL. Went to our leader's mansion, and even went to Johor to meet my mother in law.

Really. I am not kidding you, and you know it too. Time will leave those who are nort ready to move as it is. In this era, we need to run instead of walk, or better if we could fly! I have no idea how the heck the time is moving that fast! And my kids! My little baby boy is already 4! I am so not ready to see him so big and someday, he's going to leave me. Sighhhhhhhh

Anyways, since it's Ramadhan, this year, we are changing our game plan.

Last year, we had one or two people buying our machine, and it's enough to keep us living until raya. But this year, we are going to sell something at bazaar Ramadhan near our place. And hell yeah I'm excited!!

You know, I have been talking about this (sell food at bazaar) to my husband like, a thousand times. Wayyyyy before Ramadhan, I already told him that I wanted to open a stall. He said okay but didn't seem so interested in my idea. It's great to have some experiences like this, no?

Then time as usual, flew by. And suddenly Ramadhan was almost near. To get a spot in bazaar in a week's time? Nope, not gonna work.

BUT! Allah is the best planner. Somehow, my sister in law's friend who happened to get a spot there, told us that she couldn't commit. So she's going to give the spot to somebody else. And that somobody else is US! OMGGGGG totally magical. Like my prayers came true.

So we need to sacrifice a little bit since I think I'm not getting any help from the people that I asked for help. But it's fine. I am totally okay. Lol (I think I am the only one who understand this part, so nevermind).

Then last night we went to buy some equipments, and plastic bags, and some papers, little things we need for a startup. Honestly, this is y first tie doing this kind of thing, direct selling like this. I have no idea how to manage the money and such, but will try my best. The knowledge is all over the internet I guess. And I just have to find it quick.

Today is Thursday, the first day of Ramadhan. We're going to start the business on Friday. Wish us luck and pray for us too. InshaAllah everything will be okay. Lol.

So that's it. Happy fasting guys.

New Malaysia

There was about 324 posts on my blog (excluding posts from 2007 that ive deleted most of them).

Today, marks the new me, as I am still celebrating the New Malaysia. I have reverted all of my posts back to drafts (but I'll review some again, and will publish some again if I think it's appropriate for a 29 year old me).

I am almost 29. Not yet since my birthday is in December. *hint

I have never been enthusiasted about politics, you see. But this time, this General Election #14 had opened my eyes and my mind to a lot of new things. The fight, the scandals, the untold stories, the revenge, the dramas and many other things. And just like that, I am so so interested in politics.Now that BN is in the opposition side, it's much more better for me lol cause for 60 years, they have been acting like Malaysia was theirs. They have no strong opposition party to fight on taking over the governent, not since Tun M stepped back into the games.

The winning of Pakatan Harapan was truly shocking, though probably most of the people were already expecting it. I think, social media and internet really unite the people this time. Through Facebook, we can see the manifestos being presented, and we can see the politicians tried hard to 'sell' themselves.

Since I was a kid, I heard a lot of rumours of nasty things about elections. How they lied on the vote counts and how they used the money and power to manipulate the people and such. But this time, because of internet too, they have to listen to the people. Wen have spoken through our votes. Democracy at its best, this time around. They could only delay the results until 4 in the morning, but that's all they could do. Delaying the announcement.

And I really hope all these democracies and freedom of speeches will always be like this. It's so great to see all races become one, to turn down the corrupted people in the government. I loved it. We all can actually live in harmony.

I don't want to talk about this through a Muslim perspective because there's a lot more than just 'vote Muslim because you're a Muslim', no. It's not my expertise (even writing this is not), and I am not commenting on that.

But being a Kelantanese who is staying in kelantan with my little family, I was hoping the new party will lead this state but nope. Not even one chair was spared for the newly formed coalition party. *cry

Before this, I thought Kelantan is better in PAS's hands. And yes, it's true. But the management was not really efficient, and things were not changing to better. I mean, we're working in the 'water' area. Everyday we meet a lot of customers complaining about their water sources. The water were not clean, that they have to use well water which God knows how acidic it is, and how many bacteria and germs inside the well and in the underground water.

Maybe they don't get the royalty they've been wanting for so long, so they don't have any money to fix the problem, I don't know. There's a lot of 'maybes' we can think of. But problems are still problems. The solutions are not just by waiting for things to happen, don't you think?

So it's kind of frustrating that we still won't have any changes, well probably there are changes that I am not aware of. But those youngsters who came back home all the way from KL and southern Malaysia, they apparently came to vote for the same ruling party. So we will continue living like nothing happened. And continue living in a place where it's so hard to find a job unless we'd want to work in Mc'Donalds or KFC. And they will go back to their working place, with all those great facilities around them. Funny. Maybe they thought we don't need any good changes like they're enjoying there.

There goes my rant. Whatever it is, I am grateful the rulers have changed and all of us hope the changes are for the better course. Independence day this year surely will be a lot more different and patriotic than ever before.

To the new Malaysia.

Resepi Sup Ayam Simple dan Sedap Ibu Mertuaku

Banyak pulak resepi kau Min kan. Resepi Umi pulak tu. Kihkih

Kalau balik rumah mak sendiri, teringin nak makan masakan mak. Now my MIL is quite unwell, so beliau bagitau je resepi, cara-cara semua, then I la masuk dapur. Tu pasal jadi banyak resepi pulak kebelakangan ini. 

My MIL dulu jual nasik berlauk pagi-pagi masa dia muda. Petang jual mee sup macam tu la. So beliau ni memang terer masak dan sedap la. Air tangan orang lama kan. Lucky me la boleh belajar dari dia. Alhamdulillah.

Sup ayam zaman sekarang ni kata beliau, nak tumis2 dulu kan. Resepi dia takyah pun.

Macam ni. 
Bahan yang kena ada ialah sup bunjut muahaha. I bought yang Sup Tulang brand Puteri. Sedap jugak. I pakai sup tulang sebab yang sup ayam dah habis guna, lupa beli.

2 ulas bawang putih 
5 ulas bawang merah
Halia seinci
Tumbuk. Tapi jangan sampai lumat sangat.

Ok ayam tu bila dah potong cantik-cantik kan, then REBUS DAHULU. Yezza. Rebus dulu. Pakai Kangen Water pH 9.5 lagi la bertambah sedap ya tuan-tuan dan puan-puan. So sape nak beli mesin Kangen yang boleh keluarkan 7 jenis air, roger saya. (Promote jap lol)

Rebus ayam tu kejap je. Sekali gelegak je. Lepas tu buang air rebusan tu.

Lepas tu, masukkan air lain dalam periuk berisi ayam tu. Masukkan sekali bunjut dan perkakas menumis tu. Masukkan jugak bawang yang tumbuk tadi. Garam pun my MIL masukkan awal-awal. Kasi bermesra-mesra dengan ayam.

Api kecik je. Renehkan lama sikit takpe, baru sedap katanya.

Ni sup dia. Nampak tak berminyak kan. Saba jap.

Lepas tu, ambik seulas bawang putuih, 3-4 biji bawang merah. Potong halis bawang tu. Goreng bawang tu dalam minyak sikit je. 

Dah jadi bawang goreng, tuang semua dalam sup tadi, including minyak yang goreng bawang tu. 

Goreng bawang untuk dijadikan bawang goreng. 

Tadaaaaaaa. Taburkan daun sup. And, siap! 

Husnamd tambah 2 kali ok. Weeeeee. Even my MIL pun makan bertambah. Eh sedap sangat aku buat ni. muahaha. Sedap la jadinya sebab senang je buarnye. Kan kan. Tengah dukung anak pun selamba je masak. Ok la tu.

Ok dah habis dah resepi. Actually ada je resepi yang my MIL guna masa berniaga nasik berlauk dulu. I wrote it in a book tapi entah mana pergi buku merah tu. Tsk.

takpelah nanti kita belajar lagi.

Till then peeps.

see you.


Resepi Ikan Percik Simple & Sedap Ibu Mertuaku

Hai bertemu lagi kita dalam rancangan ... Resepi Ibu mertuakuuuuuuuuu

Ikan percik ni senang gile je rupanya. sumpah senang. Percik percikan ni ada cerita sebenanye kohkoh.

Masa tahun bila entah.I was working somewhere kan. Then masa tu bulan puasa, So my colleagues and I, planned nak jual ayam percik kat bazaar Ramadhan. I was excited then mintak la resepi dengan my mom. My mom pun terer masak ok. Lepas tu sekali buat je. Susah nya lah rasa. Ye la masa tu mana la masuk dapur sangat. Nak blend bawang pun terkial-kial.Pecah minyak pun tak paham apebenda. So sekali je la I tolong diorang prepare ayam percik tu muahaha sorry guys. cerita dia panjang lagi but I pendekkan sebab it's a personal thing. And I believe bila buat tajuk resepi-resepi ni, orang yang macam aku akan sampai ke blog ni. So orang lain pulak tau cerita aku dan kebodohanku masa lalu hahaha I was so young and dumb. 

Nevermind. let's cekidaut the recipe!

6 biji Bawang merah 
! ulas bawang putih
Sikit halia
4-6 keping lada kering (nak pedas, letak la banyak lagi)
Santan sekotak. Yeap. Blend with santan.

(Orang lain letak serai. Including my mother. But my MIL tak suka serai so dia tak letak. Depends.)

Ikan pulak, my MIL kata sedao guna IKAN KEMBONG. But time tu weols takde kembung, Kita guna ikan apa entah yang my sister in law bagi. Selayang kot? Orang luar Kelantan panggil ikan selayang tu apa? Selayang jugak ke? Kitorang tak panggil Selayang. Kitorang panggil Selaye. Hahahah k tak kelakar.

Ikan tu lumur dengan garam kunyit. Bakarrrrr atas pemanggang. kalau ada yang ajaib tu, lagi senang keje korang kot. Kitorang oldskool.

Ok lepas dah blend tu, ambik kuali, panaskan, then masukkan bahan blend tadi. Ingat kat sini, kasi gelegak sekali je. Lepas tu tutup api. JANGAN BAGI PECAH MINYAK. #tips tu. Takleh pecah minyak sebab nakkasi kuah tu melekat kat ikan. Kalau TERpecah? Hmm entah. Teruskan je la. Takkan nak buang pulak. membazirrrr

Lepas tu ikan tu kan tengah bakar kan. Bila dah garing sikit, angkat bawak pemanggang tu ke arah kuali berisi bahan blend tadi, then ambik senduk, curahkan bahan blend tu ke seluruh ikan, ataas dan bawah, without removing the ikans from the pemanggang tau. Ha nampak tak betapa rojak bahasa aku.

Ha nampak ke idok jadi camane. 

 ok dah tu, bakar lagi. Buat macam tu 2-3 kali sampai la nampak rupa ikan percik. Senang kan? Kuah dia pulak, guna yang dalam kuali tu la. Tapi masa nak makan nanti, panaskan lagi sikit. Jangan sampai pecah minyak jugak. Panaskan sampai just nice untuk jadikan kuah. Hahaha harap sape yang membaca ni paham la ek.


Itu lah jadinya lepas dah siap bakar. cantik je kan. Macam ikan. kakaka. 

My brother suka sangat makan ni. Untung la ko dik. Nasib kakak kau pandai masak. Eh? Hahah ok lah. Japg nak tulis resepi sup ayam senang gile jugak. 

OH YE. Lupa pulak. Ini untuk ikan kan. Untuk ayam, it's a little different. 

Blend bahan yang sama. 

Ikan tu kita lumur garam kunyit, terus bakar kan. Ayam pulak bukan begitu. 

Untuk ayam, ayam tu dah basuh bersih, lumurkan jugak dengahn garam and kunyit. Then rebus dalam air campur santan. Santan tu sikittttttt je. Letak serai sikit. bila dah empuk baru panggang. Ok? Gewd.

See you in the next entry!


What to expect

It's 5th Ramadhan today. Or is it already 6th? I don't know. Since I left college, time is hardly my companion. So we have tried s...